Aqua Dynamics
  • Cost Effective Environmental solutions with lower operating costs
  • Operations Fully automated for unattended operation
  • Environment Compliant with all existing and envisaged environmental legislation
  • Installation Modular for new build and retrofit

Aqua Dynamics

Aqua Dynamics offers proprietary processes for the treatment of produced water and contaminated industrial effluent that meet the latest environmental standards.

The underlying technology was originally developed in the UK to provide economic solutions for treating effluents from upstream and downstream oil & gas operations and effluents from coal gasification.

Ceramic High Flow Separator (CHFS)

CHFS treats high flow rates prevalent in oil and gas production reducing dispersed oil levels to less than 10mg/l and suspended solids to less than 5mg/l; results that exceed the requirements of existing environmental legislation.

Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation (CWAO)

The Aqua Dynamics CWAO is the cutting edge catalytic wet air oxidation process designed for treating highly concentrated toxic industrial effluents produced by oil refineries, petrochemical, gas processing and coal gasification plants.